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世界城市摄影第三部 Fstoppers - Elia Locardi Photographing the World 3

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英文无字幕 | 附PSD源文件及 raw原片 | 31GB
Master Post Production and Complex Photo Editing
Once you have captured the files out on location, only half of the process is complete. Elia then takes you into the post production studio and shares all of the intricate steps he takes to turn his images from a perfectly captured snapshot into a world class piece of art. It is here that you will learn how Elia pulls the most out of his raw files and how to adjust color and tonality so your images pop off the screen. As with all of our tutorials, Photographing the World III starts of pretty simple but quickly builds up in complexity. As a forewarning, if you are not proficient in Photoshop you might want to start with Elia’s most basic tutorial Photographing the World: Landscapes. In this tutorial, some of the topics covered are advanced panoramic stitching, creating illuminosity masks from scratch, replacing skies in complex scenes, advanced time blending, difficult object removal, and building Photoshop actions to help speed up your workflow.
Unlike previous tutorials where Elia has used 3rd party plugins to achieve his signature look, in Photographing the World 3 everything is done entirely with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. This allows you to understand how you too can get the most out of the industry’s two most used pieces of software without having to rely on extra plugins that might require extra money and constant updates.

The Post-processing methods used in this tutorial are as non-destructive as possible using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. With precision and the highest quality output in mind, every technique learned can be applied using a fast and efficient 100% manual workflow that relies on no third party plug-ins. Whether you’re showing your work in an online portfolio or preparing images for high resolution printing, this workflow is designed to help empower you to get the highest quality and most seamless results possible.

Elia has become widely known for a process he calls ‘Blending Moments in Time,’ where he takes a series of photos captured all the way through sunset and blue hour and combines them together into one seamless image. This process is designed to encapsulate the entire memory of a location, from the vividness of an epic sunset, to the beautiful soft artificial lights of a city or town. This workflow is designed to show students how they can achieve this same world class and unique look for themselves. And though it is a highly digital process, Elia walks you through step-by-step and shows you how easy and fun post-processing can be.
使用本教程中的后处理方法是非破坏性尽可能结合使用Adobe PS图象处理软件和Adobe的Lightroom。考虑到精度和最高质量的输出,每一种技术都可以使用一种依赖于第三方插件的快速高效的100%手工工作流来实现。无论你是在网上展示你的作品,还是为高分辨率打印准备图片,这个工作流都是为了帮助你获得最高质量和最无缝的结果。


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